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Why Arbitrage with us?

Smart chain arbitrage is a smart contract trading strategy, which uses the latest smart contract technology and massive big data to monitor the price of ETH convert back Binance Coin(BNB) in a completely intelligent way to achieve buy low and sell high, thereby eliminating intermediaries and reducing overall costs. For example, price discrepancies occur when a user buys an asset in one market and sells it for a higher price in another market. (The arbitrage smart contract will capture the price faster and automatically convert back to BNB proportional to the price, resulting in a profit differential.)

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Arbitrage involves buying an asset on one market and selling it on another to profit from a price difference between the two. Arbitrage is widely considered to offer an attractive investment opportunity as it tends to provide healthy returns while exposing the investor to minimal risk.

The challenge for the arbitrage trader, or arbitrageur, is not only to find these price differences, but also to be able to trade them quickly. As other arbitrage traders may also see such price differences (spreads), the window for profit usually closes quickly.